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For over 2 decades the Pasadena Weight Loss Center has been using Dr. Claude’s fully hands-on weight loss program.  This employs a one-on-one approach that is 100% natural, with no drugs, no shots and no surgery.  The very personalized weight loss programs that he creates have helped thousands achieve their natural weight and maintain it for years and years.

In addition to weight loss, many who have come to Dr. Claude overweight have had other symptoms of obesity as well–namely diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic headaches and migraines, aches and pains, and many other ills.  These conditions have vanished as a result of a correct nutrition program created by Dr. Claude for his patients.


Our weight loss program will restore your ability to lose weight and prevent future weight gain by changing your body’s “food signals,” and resetting your metabolism switch. No calorie counting, drugs, shots or other weight loss methods that ruin your health. Read more…

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Donna lost over 57 lbs. naturally* 

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Have you had difficulty losing weight?  Do you have multiple gym memberships, a personal trainer, and still you do not lose weight?

There are reasons why this happens.  We find those reasons, and then help you handle them naturally.  The results?  You lose weight, lose chronic conditions, feel better and get healthier.

When you come to Pasadena Weight Loss Center, the first thing we do with you is testing. This is so we find out what is happening with your body. Everyone is different, and so a cookie-cutter approach to your health and weight loss won’t work.  This is why gym memberships and personal trainers have not worked!

We find out exactly what is happening with your body.  Then we create a customized nutrition program (NOT a diet) for you.  We also design a custom exercise program that is created exactly for your body.  No matter what physical condition you are in, we will make the correct program for you.

If you have health conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure, injuries or anything else, we work with your body to get you feeling better, losing weight and looking your best.

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See what Lynn has to say about her program. She lost weight and her diabetes!


*(The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.)

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Dine & Learn - Causes & Solutions For Middle Age Belly Fat

Attend dinner & talk with Dr. Claude Matar, founder of Pasadena Weight Loss Center. Find out what happens to your body, especially the mid-section, when you reach middle age, how to get rid of belly fat, mistakes people make trying to lose middle-age fat and more
When: Tue December 13 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Where: Pasadena Weight Loss Center