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No drugs, surgery or shots.Our Natural Weight Loss Method

No drugs. No shots. No surgery.

Many weight loss doctors will tell you that you need to count calories, take drugs or even get shots to lose weight. These types of weight loss methods can damage your health.

The truth is bodies gain and lose weight based on internal signals to eat or not eat, and use or not use, stored fat.

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The 6 Laws of a Successful Weight Loss Plan

Successful weight loss plans are realistic and down to earth, yet truly comprehensive as they would typically address and optimize one’s food intake, hydration, workout, sleep, detoxifica-tion, lifestyle, routines, schedule, structure, etc. covering all aspects of one’s wellness and fit-ness for life. Successful means: Versatile enough so that it is easy to do and enjoy for the rest of your life, whether you cooked at home or ate out every meal, lived in LA, Paris, France or went on a ...
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How to Signal Your Body to Burn Fat

Turning On The Fat-Burning Switch

Your nervous system is designed to facilitate communication between bodily functions. It regulates the health of all parts of your body. It receives and sends signals to and from all parts of your body, including your hormone producing glands. It controls when fat is burned, and where it is deposited. If you get attacked by a saber-toothed tiger, it is your nervous system that sends "run as fast as you can" signals to and from your brain and body. Your ...
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