The Matar Method:

Your Path to Permanent Wellness, Fitness and Slimness, Naturally!

Hello, my name is Dr. Claude Matar.

I offer you the Matar Method: A product of my 34-year experience as a medical student, medical doctor, board-certified naturopath, clinical nutritionist and herbalist.

I have been running a nutrition practice in Pasadena, CA since 1996. I think of myself as a specialist in lifestyle redesign. I re-educate my patients on effective wellness-based, permanent fitness and weight control.

After years of helping patients from across the country, with all kinds of body problems and health complaints, it became obvious that what was most needed and wanted was for me to research and develop a workable weight loss program. Weight gain seemed to accompany so many conditions my patients sought to handle.

It was, and still is, evident that the current solutions offered by most weight loss programs were not, and still are not, producing long term results. The statistics were clear and undeniable proof that a truly effective long term weight loss program that transcends body types, gender, age, time, geography, and get results for everyone, simply did not exist.

In all of my years of study, practice and research I wanted to understand the reason(s) why most weight loss programs can help almost anyone lose a little, or a lot, of weight only to regain it all back, sooner or later, and then some.

I have discovered from consistent experience that by showing a person how to be healthier he/she lost weight almost effortlessly and kept it off, as opposed to putting them on a diet and exercise routines that can give them fleeting weight loss success while leaving their overall wellness unoptimized.

This approach to wellness optimization included specific actions to improve oxygenation, hydration, nutrition, sleep and detoxification: The Pillars of The Matar Method, which seemed to effectively remove the weight loss blockers for my patients. Such weight loss blockers included hunger, cravings, fatigue, stress, hormonal imbalances, muscle and joint pains, aches, and stiffness, digestive distress, etc. These corrective actions also lowered, and for many completely normalized, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high insulin/sugar levels in their blood, and improved insomnia, infertility, metabolism while at it!


In order to produce lifelong results, a wellness weight loss plan must be able to accomplish the following five objectives:

1. Effectively eliminate hunger and cravings for unhealthy foods by including all food groups (protein, carbs and fat) and flavors (sweet and savory) and correcting specific cravings-causing deficiencies in one's daily food intake.

2. Successfully soften the way one's body reacts to life's daily stresses during the day and allow it to achieve sweet healing sleep at night.

3. Effectively promote abundant energy production in the cells of the body and consequently increase the natural desire for movement (exercise).

4. Strongly encourage the consumption of regular familiar foods that can be found in regular supermarkets and prepare them using regular and familiar kitchen tools that can be easily found any time anywhere. And/or provide simple education on how to successfully eat at restarurants or vene fast-food joints when absoutolutely necessary.

5. Provide an efficient coaching process with a trained weight loss specialist, to ensure accountability and ongoing one-on-one personal support to pull one through the potential ups and downs of life while on the plan.


In order to achieve the above objectives I built my Matar Method on the following five principles:


I have observed that only a well body is capable of achieving lasting weight control. Focusing on weight loss alone may produce quick results but is definitely a recipe for long term weight loss failure, or weight GAIN! Therefore, I always start with our Lifelong Wellness and Swift Fitness programs to achieve the byproduct of lasting slimness.


I recognize that I am dealing with each case as a special case with a special set of circumstances. Therefore, my programs are highly personalized as there is no room for the “usual” cookie cutter approach here: A thyroid case is very different than an insomnia case or a fatigue case, or an emotional eating case, or an inflammation case, etc. as each requires its own special action plan. Once a startup plan has been put together for that one person, a diligent personalization process based on workability and results realized by that one individual starts. For best results, this process must go on until a perfect plan is achieved for that one individual verified by ease of execution and demonstrated results in terms wellness, fitness and of course weight loss and inch loss.


Every Active Participant is assigned a trained Life Coach for increased accountability. The Active Participant keeps a very simple daily log of specific important events and shares that with her/his Life Coach for evaluation, recommendation and support and to debug most problems she/he encountered or brought it to my immediate attention when necessary.


The price of everlasting wellness, slimness and fitness is vigilance and the willingness to get back in line once you have stepped off for any reason. This is accomplished through self/evaluation/self correction tools alongside comprehensive periodic testing of total fat weight, total lean weight, waist and hips, metabolism, cellular hydration, actual biological age, stress tolerance and fitness level along with heart recovery. Periodic testing can range from monthly tests done initially to yearly tests done once the results are unshakably stable (statistically 80% of cases). All periodic tests come with a professional evaluation and one-on-one consultation and an action plan.


This is a straight forward action plan taken only when one fails self-correction or any of her/his periodic maintenance tests requiring a special quick plan to get one ack on plan. Obviously, this is only done on an as-needed basis (statistically 20% of cases).

Since 1996, and as a direct result of the application of the above principles, some of the most dramatic weight loss case studies and success stories were produced by. 80% of these individuals continue to be well, fit and slim in the present time. these are people who ended up eating more food than ever before and exercising much less than usually recommended by exercise authorities. These are regular people like you and I who have been able to achieve stellar, life-long wellness, fitness and stable healthy weights using the Matar Method.

You can too!

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I hope to see you soon.

Dr. Claude Matar